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Went to the Iwachu cast iron factory in Morioka. They have the biggest cast iron kettle in the world and a massive nabe pot (not the biggest in the world)

Cheeseburger Pringles

Cheeseburger Pringles

Video taken by the Japanese guy who joined us in the raft on our trip. Unfortunately the Abba soundtrack has been blocked due to copyright issues

We also went rafting in Gunma. It was great.

Went down to Gunma prefecture with some mates. We had a go at canyoning down a river with jumps, slides and abseiling down a 20m waterfall. It was awesome

Saw the Ginga SL this weekend in Kamaishi.

Went to the abandoned mining town in Hachimantai this weekend. It was creepy and really windy.

Went to the Baeren beer festival in Morioka. ¥2,100 all you can drink for 5 hours was very dangerous.